Thursday, January 31, 2013

By the 1930s, Progresso was known throughout the northeastern U.S. as a trusted source for superior tomatoes and tomato paste. The company expanded its offerings to include ingredients like olive oil, roasted peppers and anchovies as well as incanestrato cheese and authentic Sicilian capanata.By the early 1960s, a selection of Italian-style sauces had been added to the Progresso family. Tomatoes were handpicked near Vineland, delivered straight to the plant and cooked down the same day to make a packaged marinara sauce using the same spice blend enjoyed by the Uddo and Taormina families themselves. Freshly harvested clams from the nearby Atlantic coast were minced and packed, and were also used to create specialty sauces. Ingredients such as pine nuts and capers also joined the product lineup during this period.Save time with our new Recipe StartersHere Are The New Soup Starters Which are Wonderful To Cook With I have Tried Them Myself And Everything I made With Them Was Wonderful Even The Nile Perch Dish I Created. Progress Makes Great Soups and Cooking Sauces. Enter To Win A Progresso Soup Prize At
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