Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Krave Jerky Review And Giveaway

     Today I received these five delicious flavors of Krave Jerky to sample and review.  Krave Pork Jerky Black Cherry Barbecue was the first one I tried and it is my favorite, it is sweet tender and has cherry flavor,  its very good. Krave Beef Jerky Garlic Chili Pepper is very sweet and hot and has real pepper seeds inside. Krave Turkey Jerky Lemon Garlic has a hint of lemon with garlic flavor on soft meaty turkey. Krave Pork Jerky Grilled Sweet Teriyaki to me had a spiced apple flavor sugary sweet. Krave Beef Jerky Pineapple Orange has a thick cut of pineapple and citrus flavor in a jerky meat which is very sweet and tender.

     Krave Jerky is a food product that is devoid of any nitrites and MSG and artificial flavors. Krave jerky is a high protein low calorie snack product it is under 100 calories per serving and minimizes empty calories and excessive sodium. Krave Jerky is and excellent source of zinc, Iron and B vitamins and products are materially lower in salt 50-70% , cholesterol 50-70% and calories 15-70% and are 97% fat free.  Krave utilizes such culinary techniques as double marinating, brining and baking instead of drying or dehydrating its meat.

     Vito Bialla is and athlete who says, When I reach for jerky as my healthy way to snack, I want a jerky that is moist and has an array of flavor choices that are totally creative and unique to any other, says Vito. I recommend it not only to the athlete but to any person just looking for a healthy snack. Krave Jerky is a lean protein, low calorie snack for those on the move, motion plus energy and strength. Thank you for reading my review below you can enter the Krave Jerky giveaway for the US only please. Thank You,  Jerri Davis

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  1. Better to eat jerky than be a jerky! LOl!