Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Prize Of Twisted Sista Hair Care Products

/ Here Are Pictures Of My Prize Of, "Twisted Sista Hair Care Products" A $108.00 value, That I won on PS Beauty Blog. Here is also some information written by Stephen Durham about the Twisted Sista Hair Care Line. I developed to a wide audience, which is a really London thing, as it is cross-cultural. I had to develop a product that worked on all types of hair, but that had the sensitivity of curly and natural hair, which is why I’ve come up with the sulfate-free and paraben-free versions now. When I look at hair from a stylist’s point of view, everyone seems to suffer from frizz no matter what your hair type is, so we needed to develop a product that would address that. We also found through our market research that the products being used in the marketplace were quite heavy. We said, “Why don’t we add moisture to the shampoo, and start the conditioner off with a lighter weight?” That’s the beginnings of it basically. Hair shouldn’t ever be too heavy when you’re styling it. You mention shampoo, and a lot of our community co-washes, or conditioner washes. How would your product work for them? There are a lot of conditioners out there that work for washing your hair. They are kind of like the old fashioned “all in one.” That’s not the way we went. I do believe, though, that you can wash your hair too much, and it isn’t always necessarily the shampoo or conditioner, but the water. Shower water can be quite harsh. What I have found is that a lot of women use really heavy products and then they have to use a lot of wash to get it out. They would style it everyday and just keep adding products that were just too heavy. The hair is just reacting to the overload. I think there is a real market for dry shampoos. You obviously want to condition your hair as much as possible without over-drying, and dry shampoos are also a good way to get rid of buildup. What about your branding? Do you often find that the name “Twisted Sista” is geared towards a specific hair type? Not at all. Recently, there has been a lot of crossover, and the distributors definitely see it as a crossover brand. Duane Reade initially had the product in the ethnic section, but they have now moved 60 percent of our products to other aisles as well. We are getting the same feedback from Walgreens and Target. Actually, right now we have a pretty large Latina following, which is why our new bottles are in both English and Spanish. The feedback we’re getting from retailers is that the product crosses over. People of all ethnicities are buying it. Thank you to Tiffany from PS Beauty Blog at, . And Thank you To Michael Rogers Public Relations on Shipping my Prize. Jerri Davis

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